Columbus Ohio Workshop

Finding Your Niche Workshop

You might be a new or aspiring photographer who bought a camera and a kit lens on Facebook marketplace in hopes that you'd find some growth in a career like this or you already have a burning passion to capture love stories but you desperately need to create content to get your creative juices flowing. If you're a new photographer or an established on, this workshop is for you.

Katie Finnicum

Katie is a full-time family photographer and CEO of Simplify of Grace in Ohio. She is passionate about documenting emotional, meaningful, and real moments and strive to keep her work creative and unique.

I am a lifestyle portrait artist who rooted in Northeast Ohio, BUT I am more than happy to travel! I am passionate about documenting emotional, meaningful, and real moments and strive to keep my work creative and unique.

Life happens. After having my first baby, everything changed. Motherhood changed me. It changed my very identity, and I found myself longing to capture every single moment and not just a family portrait once a year. I quickly drifted away from my love of wedding photography to families and tiny humans.

As a photographer I tried to be a one size fits all And quickly learned you can’t be all for everyone. Self doubt consumed me. But through education, finding my why, and establishing my niche I was able to grow a business and find my tribe!

Ashley Stein

Ashley is a full-time wedding and boudoir photographer and CEO of Stein Creative Co. She is passionate about creating and nurturing human connection and telling stories that are meaningful, raw and real.

As a wife and mother, time is the most precious thing to me and capturing the moments and having the luxury of looking back on photographs is what drives me to do this same thing for other people. Life isn't perfect and neither is out recollection of moment's passed but with photographs, we have the opportunity to re-live the past and to sometimes grasp how far we've come.

As a creative entrepreneur, I have failed and I have grown and I have been given new purpose many times over the last 10 years but when the going got tough, while struggling with anxiety and depression, I overcame and went from a low salary to a 6 digit income because I niched down, enhanced my client experience and established my why. Building and scaling my business began when I became a mom and though it was no easy task, it was possible and worth it.

I'm ready to share my secrets and my passion with you so that you can experience abundance too. Are you ready?


who should attend?

This workshop is for both new photographers wishing to build their businesses and established photographers wishing to scale their businesses. We will be focussing on the basics but we will also be focusing on finding our WHY and our NICHE, both of which we believe are important in growth and abundance and have been the most important aspects of our businesses.

what is included?

We have quite the list of goodies for you:


  1. Client Experience
  2. Setting the Tone + Preparation
  3. Showing Up
  4. Showcasing
  5. Branding


  1. Comfy Cozy Couple
  2. Family
  3. BONUS: a HUGE surprise!


  1. breakfast and COFFEE (can I get an AMEN?)
  2. posing + prompting Lessons
  3. exclusive Mastermind group access
  4. discounted one-on-one mentoring opportunity
  5. full access to our favorite people, inspiration and educational resources
  6. FREE email template + questionnaire

When and where

Columbus, OH // April 11, 2020


$549 ($100 non-refundable retainer due to hold your spot)

We value education and we believe that it's so important in your journey to building and scaling your business. Having a community behind you, to push you and to teach you is absolutely priceless. We understand that you might have to budget for this but we know that your investment will be more than worth it.

love your new forever friends, Katie & Ashley

Payments are accepted via Venmo or PayPal only. Payment plans available.

What am i responsible for?

Outside of your workshop fee, we want for you to show up with your camera, your favorite lens(es) and a positive attitude- the more eager you are to learn, the better! If you're interested in renting a new lens for this occasion, please let us know and we can direct you to the right place.

Attend the Workshop

Please only apply if you are serious about growing and scaling your business. We want those who attend to truly invest themselves in the education and styled shoots we provide and we have very limited spots available- we're talking SUPER exclusive. Although we cannot guarantee success without implementation, we do believe that the things you learn with us will change your business and ultimately your life. If you're looking for that "ah-ha" moment, this is it. When and if your application is accepted, we will invoice you the retainer to hold your spot. We can't wait to have you!

**please email with any questions- we're here for you!