Hi, I am Katie Finnicum.

I am a lifestyle portrait artist rooted in Northeast Ohio, BUT I am more than happy to travel! I am passionate about documenting emotional, meaningful, and real moments and strive to keep my work creative and unique.

I feel like I have had a camera in my hand for so many years (ten to be exact) but believe me; the road has been long and hard. I went to college for Business and Marketing, honestly, at the time my thought was to get a general enough degree if I didn’t become a photographer, I would still work in a marketing and have a creative outlet. And for most of my adult life that is where I have been. Corporate marketing has been my day job and provided for my family. There was even a time I thought I would give up my photography dream and keep my camera handy, but not pick it up professionally.

Katie Finnicum, Simplicity of Grace

But things happen. Life happens. After having my first baby, everything changed. Motherhood changed me. It changed my very identity, and I found myself longing to capture every single moment and not just a family portrait once a year. I quickly drifted away from my love of wedding photography to families and tiny humans.